Team 20/20

Create Your Personal Fundraising Campaign

Personal campaign fundraising pages allow you to quickly and easily reach out to family and friends and engage them in your efforts to raise awareness and funds for Prevent Blindness.

You can create a campaign that works best for you. Whether it is simply asking your family and friends for a donation to support Prevent Blindness, participating in a sporting activity, memorializing a family member or friend, commemorating a birthday, wedding or anniversary all of these types of events can be done by participating in Team 20/20.

Personal Campaign

Create a fundraising page so your friends and family can help you support Prevent Blindness. There is no need to participate in an event, or even create an event of your own. Just send out emails and start collecting donations to support Prevent Blindness.

Create a Campaign

Sporting Event

Get moving with Team 20/20. Raise money for Prevent Blindness while pursuing your favorite sport or fitness activity. Whatever your sporting event may be, you can support Prevent Blindness while participating. You can even join other organizations events and turn them into a personal fundraising opportunity for Prevent Blindness.

Create a Campaign

Memorial Pages

Dedicate a page to a loved one's memory. It is a great way to share how this person influenced your life.

Create a Campaign

Weddings or Anniversaries

Make any special occasion more meaningful by asking guests to donate to Prevent Blindness and Team 20/20 in lieu of a gift. You can post pictures of your special day and share memories with your friends and family. Or in lieu of buying wedding favors for your guests, make a donation to Prevent Blindness. Put a place card at each place setting to announce your contribution.

Create a CAmpaign


Party with a purpose! This year, celebrate your birthday by asking your friends and family to make a donation to Prevent Blindness and Team 20/20 in lieu of a gift.

Create a Campaign

Saving For Sight

Ask your child’s school to host a Saving for Sight Day. Make a flyer encouraging each child to bring in loose change from their house to be donated to Prevent Blindness. Encourage the school’s math classes to assist with counting, predicting, and rolling the change. This is a great way to involve the entire school. You can hold this event multiple times.  You can even ask five to ten of your friends to save their change for a month.

Create a Campaign


Getting Started


Step One: Register

Register to launch your personal fundraising campaign.

Step Two: Set Up Your Personal Page

Tell your story, upload a photo, set a fundraising goal and don’t forget to donate to yourself first.

Step Three: Ask Others for Donations

Solicit donations from friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers by sharing your personal page with them. Send out emails, post a link to your page on Facebook and LinkedIn, and announce your campaign to your followers on Twitter.

Step Four: Thank your Donors

Say thank you to your donors. You’ll be notified whenever a gift is made online.

Step Five: Have Fun!

Healthy living is so important for healthy vision. If you have a personal fitness goal this year, consider adding fundraising to support the sight-saving programs of Prevent Blindness as an extra incentive.

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