Getting Started with Team 20/20

1. Customize your personal page.
  • Tell your story about why you are supporting Prevent Blindness
  • Add photos
  • Set a fundraising goal
2. Make a self-donation to jumpstart your fundraising efforts.
3. Send an email from your personal page.

Send emails to friends, family, and co-workers. Ask them to support you by making a donation to Prevent Blindness. The email will have a direct link to your personal page.

Emails can also be sent from your own email account with a link to your personal page.

4. Remember, all donations are secure and tax deductible.

All donors who make their donation online will receive an automatic receipt for tax purposes.

5. Make use of social media
  • Post a message about your involvement with Team 20/20 on your wall with a link to your personal page and ask your friends to “Donate Now”
  • Ask your friends to “Share your Post”
  • Like Prevent Blindness on Facebook at
  • Share a Prevent Blindness post and remind your friends about your involvement with Team 20/20.
  • Let your friends know how your fundraising efforts are going by posting your progress toward your fundraising goal.
  • Make the Team 20/20 Facebook Icon your profile picture.
  • Thank each of your friends on their Facebook wall when they give you a never know who else is going to read their page and possibly donate to you

Twitter - The fast and simple way to connect with people and share information

  • Follow Prevent Blindness on Twitter,

  • Tweet about your involvement with Team 20/20.
  • Tweet about your progress to your fundraising goal.
  • Make the Team 20/20 Twitter Icon your profile picture.

Sample Facebook Posts

  • “This is why I am participating in Team 20/20 (insert personal story)”
  • “What are you doing this weekend? I’m running a race and raising money for Prevent Blindness through Team 20/20”
  • “Our anniversary is June 20th but instead of gifts, please make a contribution to Prevent Blindness”

Sample Tweets

  • “Honor my dad with a donation to Team 20/20” (link to your fundraising page)

  • “I’m riding along the lake this weekend for Team 20/20!” (link to your fundraising page)
  • “Give the gift of sight with a donation to Prevent Blindness” (link to your fundraising page)