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Fundraising Tools

To advance Prevent Blindness Wisconsin's vision for each Wisconsin resident to have healthy vision at every stage of life, each Ellie's Walk participant is encouraged to raise funds leading up to event day. Take a look at our helpful guides below to get some ideas!

Did You Know?

$1 - Provides follow-up for one child who did not pass their vision screening
$5 - Educates one family on the importance of healthy vision
$10 - Provides one vision-related book for a child with a "Success Story" like Ellie
$15 - Purchases one Snellen/Sloan wall chart for school-aged vision screening
$25 - Provides one preschool-aged child a Certified Vision Screening
$50 - Trains one volunteer to provide Certified Children's Vision Screenings
$100 - Provides one voucher for glasses for an uninsured child
$250 - Provides one vision screening toolkit enabling hundreds of local screenings
$1,000 - Provides one preschool with Certified Children's Vision Screenings

- Fundraising Ideas - Garage Sale, Lemonade Stand, Game Night and so much more!

- Gift Matching - Many companies have a Gift Matching Program. It is a fast and easy way to double your impact. If you are unsure if your company offers this program, contact your Human Resources Departments.

- Share on Social Media - Post your fundraising link on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social Media is a great way to tell your friends and family what you are doing and how they can support you. Use the Social Media sharing functions in "Get the Word Out" on your team and personal fundraising page.  

Newsletter Template - Include in your school, church, or community newsletters.