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Prevent Blindness Georgia:

Our Vision is Vision

Prevent Blindness Georgia's mission is to prevent blindness and preserve sight for all Georgians. For over fifty years, we have been consistently recognized for our pioneering, innovative programs that help save and preserve the eyesight of Georgians. We offer children’s and adult services that focus on promoting a continuum of vision care. This is accomplished through certified vision screening and training; community outreach and client services; public and professional education; and advocacy. As leaders in the vision field, we partner with hundreds of schools, community agencies, and organizations to achieve our mission.

This past year, we touched nearly 34,000 young children, seniors, and low income adults from over 110 counties statewide. Annually, we vision screen over 30,000 three, four, and five year olds for potentially sight-stealing conditions; provide free comprehensive eye exams and low cost glasses to nearly 2,000 adults in need; screen hundreds of adults at risk for glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy; train more than 190 public health nurses, school nurses, pediatric office staff, and daycare providers to vision screen young children using evidence-based methodology; and disseminate public health messaging on vision health and eye safety to tens of thousands statewide.

We strive to serve people directly in their communities, and we work with schools and complementary organizations to raise the standard of vision care at the local level. Our overarching aim is for no Georgian to needlessly lose their sight due to preventable vision loss.

Due to your generosity, we can continue to vision screen preschoolers, provide free eye exams and glasses to those in need, and offer early detection of vision problems to adults at risk of losing their sight. We so appreciate your faith and trust in our mission to prevent blindness and preserve sight.

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