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Please help me raise money and awareness for Children's Vision

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As many of you know my sons Stephen and Joseph were born with albinism and are legally blind. For the past seven years Steve and I have dedicated ourselves to learning as much as we can about albinism and vision loss/care. Over the years we raised money for organizations supporting the albinism community as well as communities of people with low vision. We would like to thank all of you who donated for your generosity and support over the years. 

This year, I'm participating in Team 20/20 to support Prevent Blindness, the leading voluntary eye health and safety organization dedicated to preventing blindness and saving sight. They focus on improving the nation’s vision and eye health by educating the American public on the importance of taking care of their eyes and vision.

I’m asking you to help support my fundraising efforts with a donation today! Your tax-deductible contribution will help make a difference in my life and will help give Americans a lifetime of healthy vision.